You Never Forget Your First Drip! $69 Drips for First-Timers

Have you wanted to try personal IV hydration to help your body feel revitalized, reenergized and recovered? Here’s your chance as a first-timer to get your first drip for only $69!

Drained? Dragging? Dehydrated?

Whether you’re training for a marathon or you just partied a little too hard the night before… sometimes caffeine, water and good old-fashioned sleep just aren’t enough.

So, put down that coffee or energy drink and listen to why your next stop needs to be at Hydrate Medical, Greater Charlotte’s premiere personal hydration center.

Never been to Hydrate Medical? Well, you’re in luck because first-timers can come in and get their first drip for only $69.

Hydrate Medical’s drips will give your body the fluids it needs to feel revitalized, reenergized and recovered in just 45 minutes. You can basically book an appointment and be done before you head off to brunch with your squad!

Hydrate Medical IV Hydration Clinic in Charlotte, NC

Here’s what your first drip includes

  • 1 liter of IV fluids
  • B12
  • B Complex
  • 1 Medication of Your Choice
  • Or you can upgrade to any other drip up to a $159 value for an additional $29
  • This offer is for brand new customers only

Our trained medical professionals will pamper you with sting-free spray and will help you feel relaxed so afterward, you will feel like the rock star that you are!

Don’t want to go through it alone? Bring your friends along! You can take selfies and post pictures to Instagram while you relax and rehydrate. Plus, if you don’t post your hydrating experience to “The Gram” did it really even happen?

We believe that you will love the experience so much you will want to book your next drip immediately.

Hydrate Medical has locations in Charlotte, Ballantyne and Lake Norman. Click the links so you can book your $69 first-time drip. Hurry up before times get booked up!