How IV Hydration Works

We are stoked to have you as a new IV therapy client in Raleigh! Just use our website to easily select the Drip you want to have and the day and time you want to have it.

When you arrive at our awesome hydration studio in Raleigh, you’ll be greeted by our professional team that will guide you to a comfortable and relaxing retreat in our mod and comfy hydration studio.

The hydration therapy sessions are calming experiences so there’s no need to be nervous. Just think of it as a perfect opportunity to meditate for 45 minutes! IV hydration treatments are a great way to help your body recover from stress, hangovers, workouts, illness or to maintain general wellness.

Scheduling is so Simple.

  • 1. Select a Drip

    Select an IV Hydration or IV Therapy Drip that fits your need.
  • 2. Schedule a Date/Time

    Schedule your IV Fluids Drip with our online scheduling system with Hydrate Medical Raleigh.
  • 3. Come to Our Hydrate Studio

    Enjoy your IV Drips at our Hydrate Studio in Glenwood South in Raleigh.