Welcome to VIP Membership

VIP Membership at Hydrate Medical® Raleigh offers you monthly values, perks, discounts, incentives, special offers and an opportunity to bring your friends for free Drips! IV hydration has never been this affordable and convenient.

  • Essential 2.0


    • 1 free $139 or less Drip per month (includes Hydrate Basic, Myers Cocktail, Hydrate Hangover or Hydrate Wellness)
    • 5% off additional drips that month
    • 5% off all additional Booster or add-ons
  • Premium 2.0


    • Includes drips $189 or less including all of the Essential 2.0 drips as well as the Hydrate Jet Lag, Hydrate Beauty, Hydrate Athlete, and Hydrate Epic Hangover
    • 15% off all additional Drips that month
    • 15% off all additional Boosters or add-ons
  • Elite 2.0


    • Includes 2 Drips of choice per month. Includes custom Drips of $200 or less -1 free guest per month (total of 12/year) (must be new client, only one free Drip per friend)
    • 4 free Boosters or add-ons/month
    • 25% off all additional Drips that month
    • 25% off all additional Boosters or add-ons
    • 1 free b12 shot of choice per month

You’re Going to VIP Status, Baby!

Our VIP Membership in Raleigh is made for those of you who are frequent Drippers and want more value from your favorite personal IV hydration family.

As an exclusive VIP Member, you select your level of membership that fits you best (ranging from Essential for $129 to Elite at $329 per month.) Each VIP Membership level gives you more benefits more bang and more value. It’s like a VIP IV Hydration Bonanza!

Unlock a level of value and perks that you have never imagined! Call us at 919.674.0092 to enroll with rock star VIP status today or hit our Join Today form below.

Then settle in for rock star VIP status! (Guitar smashing accepted)

What Do I Get When I Roll VIP?

  • Best pricing on Drips and upgrades
  • Priority Scheduling like a VIP should be
  • Special “Member Days” with added discounts & specials
  • $100 off home visit fees
  • 6 free guest passes per year (must attend with member and be a new Hydrate client. Free drip at client’s tier level or may upgrade for additional fee. Max of 2 per month!) Yowzers!
  • Can rollover your included Drip to next month, 3 times per year
  • Save another 10% and get additional free Drip by paying for the entire year
  • 1 free Drip of designated tier or below per month
  • 1 free additional Boosters per month
  • Tiered discounts on additional purchases