HydrateAthletics™ – Enhancing Your Athletic Recovery

For you, staying in peak physical shape is a lifestyle not a phase. You get up before the sun rises and you push yourself to become stronger and leaner with every workout. You nourish your body with food that acts as fuel to help you power through your day. You take the stairs at work over the elevator. To sum it up, you’re a fitness fanatic and you’re proud of it.

While clean eating and vigorous workouts are vital to your fitness routine, so is athletic recovery. When you regularly push your body to maximum performance, your muscles and joints need to recover. So, that’s why we set out to design a regimen that will help increase your ability to perform and to enhance your athletic recovery. It’s called HydrateAthletics™.

“HydrateAthletics™ is a medically developed regimen of advanced hydration drips and specific in-home treatments to help boost your athletic performance and to aid in your post-workout recovery,” says Keith Parris, ACNP-BC and Owner/COO of Hydrate Medical. “Whether it’s strength training, hardcore conditioning or marathon training, we have a regimen that helps you push past your limits.” 

Performing Better and Recovering Faster

Think about it. You don’t wake up before 5 AM every day to limp your way through a workout. You’re there to set a new personal record every day. Whether it’s running an extra mile, completing 30 burpees instead of 20 or knocking out 25 pull-ups instead of 15. You’re there to compete with yourself and to conquer your workout.

That kind of dedication and discipline is something we greatly admire. However, it’s imperative to put the same amount of effort into recovering from a workout, especially when your workouts are high-intensity. Stretching, drinking water, consuming a protein based meal and icing sore muscles are athletic recovery steps that need to be taken post-workout.

When you incorporate HydrateAthletics™ into your fitness routine, you will notice a difference in your abilities. The vitamins and nutrients in our hydration drips and treatments, such as carnitine and sermorelin, will take your workout to the next level and improve your athletic recovery.

athletic performance athletic recovery

Now that we’ve excited the fitness fanatic inside of you, take a look at the different levels we offer with HydrateAthletics™ so you can determine which level works best for you.

So, armor up with HydrateAthletics™ and get excited about your pre-sunrise wake-up call. You’ll perform better and recover faster when you incorporate this medically-researched and developed regimen into your life. If you still have questions about how HydrateAthletics™ can help you, please schedule a consultation with one of our physician owners today. You’re only one call or click away from achieving the athlete status you’ve always dreamed of.