Less Is More This Holiday Season

IV Hydration to the Rescue This Holiday Season

too much thanksgiving can be cured with personal hydrationThe holidays are great but let’s be real…sometimes you need a break from too much food, too much traveling, too much sports, too much shopping and too much germ-sharing. Too much of a good thing, is, well, bad. This year, reclaim your sanity with IV hydration. Our variety of drips are your antidote for whatever it is you’re having too much of.

Let’s Talk About Food.

On Thanksgiving Day, the average person consumes more than 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat. We can help you right the wrong with our Day After Thanksgiving drip with B12 and Slimboost. Stuff the bird, not yourself.

Traveling During the Holidays is the Worst!

Did you know, there are more air delays at Thanksgiving than any other time of the year? Our Travel Revival drip will help you kick your fatigue. This Thanksgiving, let IV hydration be your go to travel accessory.

Wait, Another Football Game?!

How many football games can one person watch? Take a break from the couch potato life and leave the college bowls behind. Energize and leap forward with our MVP Athletic drip.

I Went Shopping. Now I Have a Headache.Holiday rush in charlotte IV hydration to the rescue

The mall during the holidays should be avoided at all costs. Long lines, radical shoppers, low inventory, snarling traffic and that woman who stepped on your foot. End the insanity with our revitalizing Shop till You Drop drip.

Gross. He Sneezed on Me.

Your cousin’s new baby is cute but it’s also a snotty bundle of germs. Between snotty babies, parties, travel, shopping and family, there are germs everywhere during the holidays. Hook up to our Germ Defense drip to strengthen your immune system and help you fight off the holiday germs.

This holiday season, treat yourself to 45 minutes of uninterrupted “me time” and drip it up with us. Book your hydration session now or give us a call at 980-352-0042.