Medically Supervised Weight Loss Solutions in Charlotte

So many weight loss programs give you one step to lose weight, “you’re eating too much.” Duh. We built a program that actually helps you lose weight. At Hydrate Medical we realized that people who have struggled to lose weight have needed more than one step. So we developed a program that keeps you three steps ahead of other “boxed solution” weight loss programs.

A Medically Supervised Weight Loss Solution

weight loss program in charlotte with keith Parris, ACNP-BCThe Power of Keith and the Hydrate Medical Team

“There comes a point in a heavy person’s life when they feel beyond frustrated and hit a brick wall,” says Hydrate Medical co-owner and COO, Keith Parris, ACNP-BC. “I’ve been in that position, too, and it’s easy to feel disappointed in yourself. And that’s why I developed a special program that puts you three steps ahead from the first day you start.”

Step 1: Keith’s program is medically supervised and requires lab work to be completed before starting. This ensures there isn’t a medical issue prohibiting you from losing weight.

“We’ll start with a private consultation. During our time together, we’re going to talk about your frustrations and we’re going to develop goals, together. You won’t receive a templated program in a box, it’s going to be totally customized to you,” says Keith.

Step 2: During the private consultation, you and Keith will discuss which of our special medicines are best for you to help kick-start your weight loss journey. You’ll discuss exercise programs and go over healthy eating habits. After this initial consultation, you can meet with Keith monthly to review your progress and make adjustments as needed.

Step 3: “It’s so important to figure out what you like to do physically. If running isn’t something you enjoy doing, we’re not going to start there. We’re going to figure out what you enjoy and it can be as simple as walking every day. Because if you enjoy it, you’re on an even clearer path toward success,” says Keith.

Phentermine or hCG to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Keith believes in the power of phentermine and hCG. When medically supervised, the potential of these prescriptions do wonders to kick-start weight loss.

An individual looking to lose weight can use phentermine or hCG for a maximum of 10-12 weeks at a time with a minimum of 4 weeks off between sessions. You can read more about what these prescriptions do to stimulate weight loss here.

Setting You Up for Maintainable Weight-Loss Results

“This program isn’t the next miracle diet. It’s going to require you to make lifestyle changes by eating better and moving with exercise that you enjoy,” says Keith.

If you follow the plan we develop, you can start seeing results within the first week. The medicine prescribed to you is going to curb your appetite, and because of this, you’re going to see how your previous eating habits were sabotaging your weight loss progress. This is going to provide new insight into yourself that you probably haven’t noticed before.

The founders of Hydrate Medical are extremely passionate about wellness and offer drips to boost weight loss and keep you feeling 100%. B12 slimboost and HydrateAthletics are perfect compliments to this program. And you can receive special discounts on these two programs when you work with Keith.

If you’ve had it with why you can’t seem to lose weight, email Keith at keith@hydratemedical.com to schedule your private and personalized consultation. Start feeling and looking better within one week. You’re not going to regret the time you took to finally invest in yourself with a program that works.