Glenwood South in Raleigh

702 West Jones St, Raleigh, NC 27603

You’ll love our own clean, mod hydration studio with hip, comfortable furnishings and reserved client parking.

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We are conveniently located in the beautiful Glenwood South area of Raleigh just outside of downtown to the west of Capital Blvd. We’re a stones throw away from the state capital (not that we would be throwing stones or anything.)

We’re 2 blocks west of Clouds Brewing and the 42nd Street Oyster Bar. We will not be offended if you bring us roasted oysters before your appointment. 🙂  Here’s a Google Maps link so you can easily get to us.

Relax While Dripping in Raleigh

Relax and pamper yourself while you’re receiving your hydration treatment here in Raleigh. And you can do anything that helps you relax! We have magazines you can read or you can watch your favorite TV show. If you have a tablet, bring it with you so you can read a few chapters of your book or play your favorite game. We offer complimentary snacks and beverages for you to enjoy as well. Or, you can sit back and meditate for 45 minutes. Experience the rejuvenation and relaxation of IV hydration for yourself.

Mobile Hydration Therapy Services

We’re Mobile, Too!

We can bring the Drips to your home, hotel or event…all across Greater Raleigh. Call our office at 919-674-0092 to schedule a mobile appointment. Mobile rates are $200 during regular business hours and $300 for all other times (plus the cost of your Drip!).

* Pending RN Nurse Availability